Thursday, September 21, 2017

Jeunesse Global Top 2018 USA MLM

Jeunesse Global In just 6 years, 
accomplished something few companies have ever achieved! 
— One billion dollars in annual sales & the Fastest Company on the DSA to get there! Jeunesse joins an exclusive group of companies in the direct selling industry to achieve this milestone.

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Jeunesse Global has sustained extraordinary growth since its launch, achieving growth in annual sales of nearly a billion dollars in the past two years alone. With annual sales greater than $1.3 billion, Jeunesse Global is the second-largest company in this group that comprises the top 20%, whose average annual sales are just $25 million.
Reaching our first billion-dollar year in record time is an important part of our story, but it's really only the beginning. There are goals yet to achieve and the stage is set for much more success to come!
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