Sunday, January 8, 2017

Top 5 Video Email Marketing Tips for Success.

Everyone knows how effective is email marketing is. This is one of the fastest growing used tool when we talk about marketing online. People use a list of clients which are interested in what they are offering. You can write or record Video and send this email with important information, offers, discounts, new products, among others to several email accounts all at once, and track response & open rate, but there is an effective way of doing this with video email marketing strategies.

Video Email Marketing and its advantages.
As you can see, we have 360° videos, so, why not try video marketing if including videos increases the watch time so much? This is a good choice with the inception of the “Internet of Video”, if you make it in a compelling way you will have certain advantages that marketers around the internet are trying to have.

Watching a video is more interesting than just reading pair of lines of any product description or blog article. If you are wondering how to make an attractive offer, just make a video for it. There are certain things about video email marketing which you should know before you start, things just like:

-Make a short video

People on the internet are used to getting fast information in a short time. Does this tell you any? Yes! Make short videos! if you show the right information in a couple of minutes, more people will watch your video longer and, until the end.

People do not have time to watch every long video that is on internet, but it is possible to watch many short ones. Start with small things and progressively you will have the opportunity to show more to your clients that already liked your short videos.

-Make an interesting, high quality and fun video

If you are trying to record a video or you are looking for a video for your products or services, make it a high quality one! This will help clients understand that you are about making a nice work.

Make the video interesting and if you can, a little bit fun, this will make your clients feel nice about what they are watching and possibly, make them buy your products.

-Write a nice pre-video email

You are sending an email, so you will need some text in your email to convince your clients to at least see your video. If you have a nice and short message in your email, its more probable that your clients watch the video.

-Send this email to your most important clients

If you are starting a new strategy in your enterprise, its obvious that you should start with your old and important clients. Clients that have already bought some products from you, they are the best potential clients that are going to watch this video.

Two minutes of a video will say hundreds of words, words that will be clear understood by clients and are going to be less boring than reading content around all the internet. Video email marketing or video marketing is not supposed to be boring, if you make a nice video, your clients will be happy and you will have huge opportunities of building  new clients.  

Video Email Marketing



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