Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Internet of Things

Internet of things

Internet of things is related to interconnection between daily tools that a human use and the person’s personality and thoughts. It sounds a little bit crazy, but it's not. This term talks about going beyond only using your daily tools as just materials, this more points to digital world's score. This is talking about direct and constant contact in real time in almost everything.

Internet of things characteristics

This concept was created at Massachusetts Institute of Technology by Kevin Ashton on Investigation of radio frequency identification and sensors. To go a bit deeper about the main idea of
internet of things, is the idea of optimizing cars, house’s items, office’s items, business items and other wireless devices.

Internet of things is estimated to arrive in the next few years. It is expected to be presented in more than 200.000 billion objects, in order to reach the objective of facilitating daily life. Optimizing unprecedented systems, applications and services. For example: US company Cisco is currently working to develop a digital counter of connections through low frequency radio signals, trying to count each signal connected to a network.

This series of futuristic services will be available in presentations of chips and micro-chips that function as sensors that send and retain information or perform any direct task; of course, there are also those who make both functions.

You could say that this technology is still wearing diapers because of its lack of confidence and profitability in the market and in the stock markets. There also is needed a lot of development at the level of the Video technology that understands the operation of the sensors in general for its correct operation.

Many people do not know this technology is already among us: turn on and move the cars to remote control, manipulate household services as alarms, security cameras, light, water, gas, etc…

Internet of things has many battles to win, as adaptation process of several laws in matters of having permissions at international level, discussions with security agencies and governments at the global level, development and evolution of the technologies to combat possible cyber-attacks or hacks from criminal organizations with the purposes of creating disaster and confusion. I think the last thing we would like is a hacker controlling our home and objects through the network.

At the same time the largest of these disputes that internet of things has to deal with is to enter into the life of the people and create the confidence to shoot to the success to this concept. There are many views of course of the pros and cons, many claim that could be an involution for humanity and have an unprecedented impact on the planet. The Internet of Video The buzzword of 2017 as the world of the Internet of Things &Video connect. See more at

The Internet of Video!

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