Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Internet of Things, WebRTC & Video!

As the Internet of Things Becomes reality and the connectivity of “Things” surround us, WebRTC (Web Realtime Communications) was developed. This technology breakthrough enables peer to peer Video, Audio, and Data Communications between two web browsers and requires no plugins, framework apps, or Flash just pure Video. The Internet of Things, WebRTC & Video are a perfect match for emerging video calling, video chat, and peer to peer file sharing entirely in the web browser. 2017 brings the beginnings were business will need to embrace the connectivity of “Things” and move more to Video Marketing and Branding. Businesses are already positioning themselves directly in the middle of this technology boom. For Example, Industry Leading all-in-one Video Marketing Solutions Talk Fusion just won the prestigious 2016 WebRTC “Product of the Year” Award given by online marketing leader, Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) and also received the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award.  

Talk Fusion is bringing people together, connecting countless devices at a time, and providing instantaneous results. The technology capitalizes on The Internet of Things (IoT), The Internet of Video (IoV) and the connectivity of “Things”. Talk Fusion offers businesses what they need all in one package.


Talk Fusions widescreen templates with Video make a STATEMENT when they enter the inbox. There’s plenty of room for imagery, your logo, and your contact information. It’s everything you love about Video Email, and then some.

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  1. It's an platform to build an amazing iot/iota projects that involve connection of 'things' with variety of tools involved in it. The 'things' could be sensors/led lights/apis from social networks.
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  2. Thanks for sharing your honest experience. When I first took a look at my head shots,
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