Friday, January 13, 2017

2017 Video Email Marketing Break Thru Technology!

2017 Video Email Marketing Break Thru Technology! Video Email is Now Widescreen!

Have you heard the news: the next era of Video Email is on the rise.

Talk Fusion is ringing in their tenth year with an ultra-modern redesign of Video Email, a real Widescreen Masterpiece! The new video player is shaped just like a TV or smartphone, compatible with even more devices and recording features of today. Talk Fusion video email player is now rectangular and designed for full-picture viewing. 

Video Email Widescreen templates make a STATEMENT when they enter the inbox.
In today’s grab-and-go recording and instant sharing world we live in, video email thrives. Business will need to connect with the “Internet of Things” and video does just that. Your contacts will be able to enjoy crystal-clear widescreen video like never before… sent fast and seamlessly on the go.

Talk Fusion has predicted this shift from the start, and positioned itself perfectly. We are entering an era where businesses will need to move away from building, and start connecting more and on a global level. We are bringing people together, connecting countless devices at a time, and providing instantaneous results. Our technology capitalizes on “The Internet of Things” “The Internet of Video” and the connectivity of “Things”. 
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