Monday, December 26, 2016

The 2017 Tech Predictions Are In

Every year, the Tech industry experts look out for the next best thing.

The 2017 predictions are in: Internet, video, and real-time communication are THE trends of the New Year.

Online Video has triumphed as the hottest item on the menu with surging popularity. Prepped and delivered in a variety of forms such as live streams, 360-degree perspectives, sponsored social ads, face-to-face chats, news articles, and Video Email marketing, 

Because people get what people want 2016 taught us that people want Online Video -- rather LOVE -- Online Video!

We’ve already seen the first online video boom with people sharing stories with friends and family, staying in touch, and spreading “viral videos” around the web. But now the second wave is here.

We are entering an era where businesses will need to stop building, and start connecting. Functioning on a global level............

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